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Stop bathroom condensation and eliminate mould – get a Showerdome.

How does it work?

A Showerdome® shower top puts a lid on your shower, stopping steam and warm moist air getting out. It also prevents cold air getting into your shower, so steam clouds do not form inside. It’s that simple!

Wamer, Safer & More Economical

With a Showerdome® shower cover, your bathroom remains dry, safe and clear while you stay warm and cosy inside your shower. You will enjoy mist-free mirrors, prevent mould and extend the life of your paint and bathroom features. And because your shower feels warmer, you can run it at a lower temperature and save on energy costs.

There’s nothing you have to remember to turn on, no running costs and no moving parts to wear out.

Fits most showers – available in a range of 13 shapes and sizes to fit most new and existing showers. See the list of designs here (Ben link to pdf Showerdome sizes)

A & T Glass are agents for Showerdome in the Taupo region. You can purchase the Showerdome off us and install it yourself or if you prefer, we can arrange for installation by our certified Showerdome installers. Just contact us if you have any questions or drop into the showroom and have a closeup look at a showerdome in our shower display.

For more information visit the Showerdome website

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